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My name is Sara Zekri, an experienced graphic designer committed to shaping brand identities and fostering captivating visual narratives. With over 7 years of design experience, I’ve traversed a diverse landscape, collaborating with various companies and agencies, both as an employee and an independent designer.

My journey in design orbits around the creation of harmonious, impactful visual identities. From crafting compelling social media posts and banners tailored for diverse platforms to curating a spectrum of visual assets — from printable and digital documents to commanding billboards and roll-ups — my craft is dedicated to breathing life into brands across all mediums.

My design journey took root early on, blooming through a high school degree in applied art, which was followed by a professional diploma in graphic design. These formative years sowed the seeds of passion and curiosity, igniting my love for graphic design, art, and the power of visual communication.

Each phase of my career has been a chapter in my growth as a designer. From internships to in-house roles and leading as an art director, every experience has contributed to my evolution in understanding the dynamic language of design.

My commitment to design goes beyond my profession; it’s a passionate pursuit. It’s this passion that infuses warmth, professionalism, and inspiration into every project. I invite you to join me on a creative journey where your brand’s story finds its authentic visual voice.



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Work Process

1. Inquiry

Complete our quick inquiry form to share your brand's story, vision, and aspirations.

2. Discovery

Post-inquiry, let's schedule a Discovery Meeting. Here, we delve into your brand's identity, exploring goals, and values

3. Design

With your brand's core revealed, we dive into the design phase where creativity shines.

4. Delivery

The final step is the delivery of your custom design. Completed projects are presented for your review and approval.

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